Red line & Summary of Suggested Changes – ESHB 1155 My Health My Data

On March 4th 2023, the House passed an Engrossed Substitute bill for Rep. Slatter’s My Health My Data HB 1155.

WA People’s Privacy has reviewed the engrossed substitute and offered suggested changes in hopes that Senator Dhingra, her fellow lawmakers on the Senate Law & Justice Committee, and the AGO will take into account the detailed arguments and justifications for these changes, revert the bill to its original stronger form, and strengthen it further. If they can do that, we can create a ground-breaking new law in WA State that truly protects care-seekers.

Here is WA People’s Privacy’s Summary of Suggested Changes and Red line of ESHB 1155 .

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WA-LEG 2023: Substitute Bill Analysis for House Bill 1155 My Health My Data

💖 My Health My Data (HB 1155/SB 5351) is a health data privacy bill filed at the request of WA’s Attorney General, by the bill’s primary sponsors Representative Vandana Slatter and Senator Manka Dhingra. ➡️This is the Original Bill: HB 1155 ➡️This is the Substitute Bill (that means it’s been amended, or changed) by Representative … Read more

Public comments Needed! Final Round on Group 4B Surveillance Tech Used by SPD

Public comments are once again needed on the six surveillance technologies reviewed by the Community Working Group as part of the Seattle Surveillance Ordinance. These six technologies will  be up for City Council discussion, possible amendments, and a final  vote to approve, amend,  or reject their proposed continued use. Two ways to comment: Verbal comments … Read more

WA People’s Privacy – 2022 in Review!

It’s been a full and busy year!💖
Read our herstory!

A post about some of our work and wins this year, ordered from most recent all the way back to January!
We’re proud of all of this people’s organizing, mobilizing and advocacy work, and hope after reading it, you are too!

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WA People’s Privacy Offered Public Comment in Historic CCPA Meeting Regarding Federal Data Privacy Bills

This morning, Thursday, July 28th, WA People’s Privacy signed in to offer comment in a special, and in our opinion historic, meeting of the CA Privacy Protection Agency Board regarding the issue of state preemption in The American Data Privacy Protection Act, or ADPPA, and other federal data privacy bills being considered. California’s privacy laws … Read more

📺 Recorded Info Session Here!

  Learn more about Seattle Police Department Surveillance Tech and gather tips on submitting public comment! *Strobe-like Visuals Warning!* We’ve realized that some of the transitions in the recorded webinar info session that occur between still slides and moving screenshare video have a strange twitching/shaking image. We’ll try to fix that! For now, anyone who … Read more

Take action: Offer public comment on invasive police surveillance tech!

WA People’s Privacy Network (WA PPN) is asking folks across our state who are concerned about the overreach of police surveillance to take action!
We need to make sure that Seattle Police Department and the Seattle City Council hears questions, comments and recommendations directly from the people about the last 6 Seattle Police Department surveillance tools (of 29 total across city departments). Members of the Seattle Surveillance Ordinances’ Community Working Group have reviewed these technologies, and members of the public (from all over the state) need to add our comments by June 2nd, 11:45 p.m.!

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The Bad Washington Privacy Act did not pass! Thanks to everybody who got involved!

The Washington state legislature adjourned for the session today without taking any action on the Bad Washington Privacy Act, SB 5062.  It’s a huge win for Washingtonians’ privacy! This is the fourth year in a row that the Tech Equity Coalition members and grassroots activists have kept big tech lobbyists from writing the rules on … Read more

ASAP! Tell your legislators: OPPOSE the Bad Washington Privacy Act. Don’t let them sneak it through at the last minute!

With only three days left in the session, tech lobbyists are making a last-ditch effort to pass the Bad Washington Privacy Act!  Just this morning, a new amendment to SB 5062 was published, undoing the improvements the House had made earlier in the session.  And there’s just enough time left in the session for the … Read more